Homemade Beauty Remedies

Homemade Beauty RemediesHave you ever looked through your pantry and thought ‘What can I put on my skin today instead of my $30 face cream?’ Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but the truth is that many of the products you purchase for consumption can be used not just to nurture you on the inside, but to replenish you on the outside as well.

Homemade beauty remedies have probably been around for as long as you can imagine. Before there were endless chains of grocery stores and pharmacies people were on their own for small comforts like soft skin and clean hair. Trial and error, experimenting and trading ideas led to the products people now use everyday. Of course, every idea wasn’t a good one: not too long ago the immediate response for a burn was to smear butter on the skin. It’s understood now that the heat from the burn only served to cook the butter, which then burned the skin even more. Other ideas were not only genuinely useful, but have been co-opted to create some of the expensive products on sale everywhere: it’s easy to spend $30-$40 dollars on a cream with green tea extract, which helps maintain skin’s integrity. Why not just spend a couple of bucks on tea bags and make your own? A simple astringent made from steeped green tea bags can help tighten the skin. This is one of the very simple, very cost effective home remedies for wrinkles and takes little time to accomplish.

Homemade Herbal Remedies

In the last two decades, homemade herbal remedies have increased in popularity. In the 90s people’s concern for the environment spiked and interest in chemicals and unnatural products began to diminish. Huge companies fought this interest by warning of the dangers of homemade beauty remedies, but they quickly saw that the tide was against them, so they started developing products that included this new demand. The ingenious spirit in many of their customers, however, had turned inward for inspiration long before the big companies got on board with the new ideals. For many people looking to maintain their beauty, home remedies are the only way to go. Have you ever taken a can of beer with you into the shower? Well rinsing out your shampoo with an ale or lager is one of the simplest home remedies for hair. It will add shine and help nurture your follicles.

Homemade Skin Remedies

Homemade Skin Remedies PapayaLooking for more homemade skin remedies? Have fun with it. Take a page from your foremothers and experiment. Why not invite some friends over and make a party out of it. Just make sure to address any allergies you or your friends might have before smearing products onto your bodies. There are many tried and true recipes out there to get you started.

Mayonnaise For Glowing Skin

A simple mayonnaise mask is a homemade remedy for glowing skin that you can try while lying in a nice warm bath.

Red Wine For Dry Skin

Here’s another trick: pour some red wine into your bath water. It’s a lovely homemade remedy for dry skin.

Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep

The key to homemade products is to remember that beauty is not just skin deep. Many of the items that are good to put on your skin should also be put in your body. A Vitamin E mask is wonderful for your face and if you make sure to get enough of it in your diet, it’ll help your skin maintain itself from the inside. Beauty creams can only do so much if we aren’t taking care of ourselves by paying attention to our nutritional needs as well. So pay attention to your body and have fun!